Alps - Lunar Explorer

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Alps - Lunar Explorer

BIG, is the first word that comes up when you see this spacevehicle. Made in Japan by Alps in 1966 this Lunar Explorer features strange actions. when switched on, it drives through the "lunar dunes" that can be taken easy with those big wheels :). Suddenly it stops and the cabine with the 2 astronauts that are in control of the vehicle comes down to the ground and the clear dome opens. After closing the dome, the cabine goes up again and the Lunar Explorer "shifts" into first gear again and heads out to new explorations.
All the time the big antenna on top spins with flashing lights, the vehicle itselfs has also flashing lights and of course there is spacesound.

Alps Lunar Explorer is made mostly out of tin that is really beautifully detailed. I found the toy in Belgium where it was part of a collection of robots and spacetoys. I have found some more very nice toys there and again this one came up along with some other robots and spacetoys..

The condition of this lunar explorer is excellent !. The toy shows some minor wear throughout but its in fantastic condition, all original and complete and it works perfectly was well. The always missing big antenna is present and lights up perfectly. Ultra clean batterycompartment, no cracks in the compartment either. The box is missing for this toy.

Alps Lunar Explorer is a hard to find toy in complete and working condition. It has a complex mechanism that was often broken during playing. the antenna... is always missing on these toys...

If you dont care about the box that you can not go wrong with this fantastic example of this hard to find spacetoy !!

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