Yoshiya - Jupiter Robot

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KO Yoshiya - Jupiter Robot

This small wind-up robot was produced by KO (Yoshiya) in Japan in the mid 1960`s. Its mostly made out of plastic with some very nice
lithographed details on the tinplate on the chest of this little robby like robot. When wound-up by the key on the left of the robot, Jupiter
robot walks forward ( there is an on/off switch in his chestplate ) and there are sparkles visable in his headsection.

This Jupiter Robot is in excellent to near mint condition and working perfectly as it did more than 40 years agoo. Also the box is in ditto condition. All the litho is bright and shiny and there are absolutely no cracks in the plastic parts. Jupiter Robot walks great and also the spark in the headsection still works fine.

Yoshiya Jupiter Robot is a pretty common robot but hard to find in this condition and fully working with sparks

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