Juguentes - EGE - Nave Colombia

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At the end of the 1970`s the spacetoys from Japan and China were mostly made out of plastic for costreducing reasons. The Tin Toy age was over and no tin spacetoys were produced anymore for the simple reason the manufacturing of them was far to costly. But in 1978 a small company from Spain, Juguentes - EGE produced a tin spacetoy that can fit easily into the 1950`s, the golden age of tin spacetoys. Nave Colombia has it all.... Made out of really beautifull lithographed tin, stunning actions created with a lot of fantasy, just as the Japaneese produced their toys in the past. Nave Colombia is probably on of the last full tin spacetoys ever produced !!!

This big spaceship, build as an example of the space shuttle columbia ( yes the one that crashed while returing to earth`s atmosphere ) has a "cargo" filled with actions: First it mystery actions around the floor with bump&go action and flashing lights. Suddenly it stops and a bell, a real tiny bell within the shuttle starts ringing and the cargodoors starts to open. when fully opened, a tinmade astronaut comes out and is lifted high above the shutlle, starts to turn around 360 degrees, goes down again, cargo doors close again and the Colombia heads out again with flashing lights in the cockpit and taillights......... You never saw so many stunning actions in a tin spacetoy before !!

Nave Colombia build in Spain by Juguentes - EGE is new and never played with. It was stored in its original box for more than 25 years in an old toyshop. I found it when I was for a short trip in Barcelona. Both the toy as the box are in new / mint condition with all the original inserts. This is a rare and very scarce spacetoy that is selden seen in the open market and selden found in new fully working condition with original mint box.