Horikawa - Super Robot Tank

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Allthough Tanks are pretty common in "spacetoyland" there are not many tanks known with robots behing the steeringwheel. This in the late 1950`s produced friction powered Super Robot Tank was manufacturered by Horikawa in Japan. This very rare robot tank features a cute action: the both cannons go in and out as the tank rolls along the floor.

The condition of this Horikawa Super Robot Tank is very good to excellent for a toy of this age ( I date it 1958 but not sure about this ) There are some minor scratches and dents. There is no rust and the friction works perfect. The very nice lithography is bright and shiny. Also the gun action works fine. The coil and the caps on the robots head are a professional made reproduction. There is no box for this tank, sorry.

This Super Robot Tank is considered to be a very rare and scarce spacetoy, searched for by both robot and spacetoy collectors.