Horikawa - Machine Robot

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Its almost unbelievalble that this robot is allready 45 years old !!!. Build by the mighty Horikawa factory in Japan in 1963. This Machine Robot has stunning actions: a red/green swiveling light on top
of his head, moving antennes besides his head, moving gears in his body, turning red and green left and right signals and of course he can walk too :)

I can be short about the condition: NEW/MINT in MINT Original box. This Machine robot just spent his whole life, all the 45 years in his original box protected by the original inserts. Even the dust from the factory is present :) This Machine Robot was found in a the stock of an old toyshop in the UK where it was forgotten and spent most of its time on a shelf. I was the probably the first one to put batteries inside... I did and Machine Robot came to live with all actions working as they should and that after 45 years of sleep....

If you are looking for the best the look no further...This is really a NEW MINT Machine Robot in New mint original box with all the inserts present. It runs like a charm, never been played with no cracks, dents, scratches or rust, just a factory new old Robot.

I think you will never have the change to bump into a better example again. If you are only looking for the best, well here it is.... A new Horikawa Original Machine Robot.