Alps - Batmobile 2 speed friction

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Build in Japan in 1966 by Alps (Shoij Co.) this Batmobile is a unique piece of history. Not only its related to batman but it features a never seen before 2 speed friction motor which is shifted by the antenna. As far as I know this is the only excisting spacetoy that I ever saw with a 2 speed friction engine. really cool. 

This Alps Batmobile is in excellent original condition. Its complete with the tin batman behind the controls, the originl windschield is complete and has no cracks and the 2 speed friction is working perfect. The batmobile has been played with and shows some minor playwear. no big scratches, no dings and no rust. Just an excellent example of this very rare batmobile of which only a few are known to excist. There is no box, neither have I been able to find a picture of the box.

This Alps Batmobile is VERY hard to find in original condition with working 2-speed friction. A very rare spacetoy, never found in the open market.