Nomura - Zoomer the Robot

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Zoomer robots were build in many variations. This one dates back to around 1955. Build in Japan by Nomura. Zoomer robots are very popular because of their somewhat strange look. They are relative small robots, totally made out of tin. Zoomer the robot walks with his gel eyes lit from the inside.

This Zoomer Robot is in good condtion but shows some playwear, a few spots with paintloss and there is some rust on the outside of the batterycover. When testing the robot with a new fresh battery ( he only takes ONE ) the eyes light up weak and he started to walk very slowly. This robot was stored for more then 25 years without letting it ever walk. I am not sure if the antenna is supposed to rotate but it does not.

The box is a professional made reproduction and displays very well.
This Zoomer variation belongs to the more rare versions. The robot is all original and is complete. Stil in working order but runs very slow.

A rare and more then 50 years old robot.