Marusan - Robot Boat R-7

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There is not much known about this robot boat, other than it was made in Japan by an unknown manufacturer named SAN ( its printed on the boat ) somewhere in the 1959 timeframe. This boat is presumed one of the most desirable "unknown" spacetoys of all. There is just no information available about this boat, other then there were 2 versions made of it. there is also a similar boat with different litho called Robot Boat No.7

This example is the R-7 and has really beautifull litho with missiles,  a robot behind the steeringwheel while the rear deck is festooned with two litho wind ailerons. The condition of this robotboat is really excellent to near mint. I dont think this boat spent much time in the water. There is only very minor wear at the bottom. The decklitho is clear, shiny undamaged and there is absolutely no rust. The original robot is present and also in topcondition and also the windshield he is sitting behind is original and complete and has no cracks or whatever.The crankwound drivemechanism is working perfecty and drives the propellor at the back of the boat.

This hybrid collectible is a rare and very scarce spacetoy that can become easily the centerpiece of any collection. VERY hard to find with the original robot in this near mint condition. 

added: 27-12-2007  I found the manufacturer of this robot boat. Its tagged with SAN  and that stands for MARUSAN ( in Japan )