Yonezawa - XM-12 Moon Rocket

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Yonezawa - XM-12 Moon Rocket

Somethimes you have these special days. You see a toy and immediately you know you have something special in hand.
This rocket was found in a warehouse in Sweden along with some other interesting robots and spacetoys. Stored away for year... many years and stored well, the toys survived the years in perfect condition. 

The most desirable battery operated rocket was build in the year 1956 by Yonezawa in japan and is called XM-12 Moon Rocket. this batteryoperated rocket just has it all and must have given the children in the fifties lots of playfun. Yonezawa`s Moon Rocket has a few uncommon features that you never see with any other spacetoy... A special hatch in the nosesection of the rocket that can be opened so that you can replace the bulb in the nosesection. at the rear, where the enigine is located, there is also a hatch that can be opened to replace the enginelights. There are 2 astronauts hidden under a clear canopy that are behind a beautiful lit dashboard. 
Further the rocket has a GO and GO function and can be steered by the nosewheel. you switch it on and it starts to ride in the desired direction.

The engine is beautiful lit with a sort of rotating drum at the inside that lights the gels between the detachabel fins.... as you can see, there is enough to explore with, around and about the XM-12

And now the Condition: I can be short: MINT in MINT Box, nothing more to add. even the original packing paper is kept with the rocket.
The rocket was stored away since the day it entered the warehouse and was never taken out of the box again. Even the fins were never attached before, I was the first one to click them to the rocket.

I have seen a LOT of beautifull toys in my life allready but this one is really one of the most mint toys I ever had in my hands.

A friend of mine in Brussels would say: Rare like Sjiet  and yes it really is. You will never see this rocket in this condition again, EVER !

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