Beijing Toy No. 1 Factory - Space Rocket

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When the spacerun was over for the Japanese the chinese came in control of the toyindustry and copied a lot of the golden age toys. This chineese rocket is rare in 2 ways:  the box that is original and belongs to this rocket is showing an other number on the rocket. second: every rocket from china you will ever bump into is a friction powered rocket, but NOT this one, this one is battary operated. while the friction ones are common, the battery operated rockets are scarce. This one features mystery bump&go action, flashing lights and clicking spacesound.

This rocket comes with original box that shows some wear but still shows the chineese artwork. The rocket itself has been played with and shows some light playwear but is complete, original and has no major scratches or dings. There is no rust and the rockets works perfect. I am not sure about the year of production but it must me somewhere around 1970.

This batteryoperated rocket is very uncommon, a rare spacetoy from China