Modern Toys - Sonicon Space Bus

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The first thing that will cross your mind when you lift up this bus is the word: HEAVY. This "heavy" spacebus is not only looking great but it has a very special feature: it reacts on sound. Let me quote the instruction manual to explain the operation of this wonderful spacetoy:

OPERATION: Turn the switch to the on positon and the vehicle will start to move. Then blow the wistle and the antenna will turn around and the vehicle will turn in its aimed direction. So long as the whistle note is sounded the antenna turns around. When the antenna is aimed in the desired direction, stop blowing so that the vehicle will run in the same direction untill you blow the whistle again. By timing of blowing of the wistle, the operator can control the movement of the vehicle at will in the limited area, avoiding obstacle which might come in its way...Awesome or not :)

Sonicon Space Bus works by the theory of resonance. A thin metal resonance disc is obtained in the mechanism and when you blow the whistle, vibrations are set up in the resonator and by those vibrations contact needle dances on and breaking of this contact changes the direction of the vehicle.

To build this technique nowadays will not be hard to make with the use of microchips but in the early 1960`s it took the Japaneese toymakers a rocket filled with "hightech electronics". Maybe that is why Sonicon Space Bus is that HEAVY :)

It comes with its original box that is in good condition but has some repairs and tears, still the artwork is displaying wonderfull. The Bus has also the original antenna, whistle and box for antenna and whistle and best of all, this sonicon bus is in new / near mint condtion. It has never been played with and shows only minor wear and a few spots with paintloss, probably caused by storage and handling the bus. There are no dings and the battery compartment is cristalclean.  

This Sonicon Space Bus is a rare spacetoy variation and absolutely scarce and desirable in this condition. Sonicon Spacebusses are hard to find in working condition This one however is new, all original, and working 100 and will be impossible to upgrade.