Daiya - Astronaut

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Also this astronaut does not need much of an introduction. The famous Daiya / Cragstan Astronaut. Daiya build this astronaut for Cragstan but also made a version for themselves with a slightly different litho, but with the same actions. This Big astronaut walks around looking for aliens. Suddenly ( when he finds one ) he raises his BIG gun and stars to fire with a loud Ra-ta-ta sound and flashing lights.

The condition is excellent to near mint. There is an inperfection at the innerside of the dome which looks like some greese or glue. There is also a crack at the back of the dome but thats about it. There are reproductions for the dome but I prefer the original with the crack, it just belongs to an old vintage robot.
For the rest the astronaut is in perfect and excellent condition, no rust, dings and the litho is bright and shiny and of course the astronaut works 100 %. The box is a reproduction to show the nice artwork. it displays perfect  with the astronaut.

Daiya Astronaut is scarce to find in this condition, you will have a hard job to upgrade this one. Rare and very hard to find in ANY condition.