Modern Toys - Lunar Expedition

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Modern Toys - Lunar Expedition

Drive by letter "H". Thats something else then driving by manual shifting or automatic :) Build at the end of the sixties (1968 to be exact ) this Modern Toys vehicle called Lunar Expedition is one of the harder to find spacetoys, Build of course in Japan, this wonderfull spacevehicle is one of the more scarce spacetoys. The actions are great because it can be driven by the lever at the back. There is a pattern H so you can put it to forward, left and right and backwards, left and right. You decide the direction of this vehicle by " shifting "

This lunar expedition is excellent to near mint original condition and comes with its original handling stick ( often missing ) ,original tracks and near mint original box. It has been hardly played with and it showes only light playwear. Lunar Expedition is in perfect working order and even the light on top is working. I have seen several of these toys over the years but this is for sure the best I have ever seen. The battery compartment is clean, dome is absolutely without cracks and the litho is bright and shiny. The original box is near mint and only some paperloss on the toplid is keeping it from higher grades. No tears or repairs, best box i have ever seen for this toy.

This Lunar Expedition was part of a big collection of robots and spacetoys I found in Rome about 2 years agoo.

Hard to upgrade example of this scarce and hard to find spacetoy !

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