Yonezawa - Delta 55 Lunar Explorer

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I am sure if there is somebody living on the moon they must have laughed a lot when they saw this lunar explorer Delta 55 for the first time....They saw a lot of strange working vehicles landing overthere but this one is the funniest of all. This Lunar Explorer Delta 55 is for sure one of the stangest " walking " spaceships I have ever seen. It does move in a very strange way, it CRAWLS along the surface... very funny to see.

This crawling vehicle has also flashing lights and a rotating antenne and it produces some strange spacenoise. Build in the late 1960 or maybe even in the beginning of the seventies, not sure about the exact date. One of the last spacetoys Yonezawa ever build by the way. Completely out of plastic with detachebel rockets.
Though the box still has wonderfull artwork that was common for spacetoys in the sixties, the golden age...

Yonezawa Lunar Explorer Delta 55 is in mint / new condition, never played with. It works 100 % with all the functions, crawling, lights and antenna. The box is undamaged and also in perfect condition. 

For a late period toy its not often seen in the open market. mostly found with defects and not working crawling system. This one works like new !