Ichiko - Space Explorer (GREY version)

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Japanese flying saucer made in Japan by Ichiko. Space Explorer is a "turning around the light" ( that`s what the box says ) battery operated flying saucer. There are TWO versions made of this flying saucer.( I found out when I got a second one in my hands and saw that there is a different color in the litho ) This is the "GREY" version.

This late 1960`s flying saucer is the only one known made by Ichiko who produced mainly tin cars. Its mostly made out of tin which is surprising for such a late period spacetoy. This saucer has a very special feature. when turned on it explores its surrounding with mystery bump&go action. Suddenly Space Explorer stops and rises itself on three legs, all with flashing lights and space noise. after a while it comes back to earth and heads out in search of new obstacles to bump into.

This Ichiko Space Explorer is in mint condition and has never been played with. There was a very short production run for this toy. The original box with outstanding artwork, has some minor wear but is still in excellent condition and comes with all the original inserts. For a late period Saucer, Space Explorer is not seen much around and very hard to find in working and complete condition. (with all three legs attached) 
Scarce and Very hard to find in this condition. Really a must have !.......