Yonezawa - Space Man

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As there is not much known about this rare astronaut I tried to find some info on the web and this is ( the only info by the way ) that I could find....
The November 2008, Toys for All Seasons sale was a $1.8 million event. The auction featured 2,516 antique toys, banks, dolls, dollhouse furniture, automata and Christmas antiques. 

From Bertoia:
Boxed Yonezawa Space Man brought out the collectors, who bid it to $9,200 – 15 times its high estimate.

* 1950s Japanese Robot
* Size: 9½" tall
* Sold Date: November 2008
* Auction Price: $9,200*


I gathered some more info and found out that Yonezawa`s Space Man, build in Japan in 1958 by the way, is one of the most rare astronauts and very hard to find in any condition. It was build in 2 versions, there is also a red version build for cragstan but the red versions lacks the opening mouth. This blue version is the most scarce and looked for version. Space Man is powered with a crank winding system. It walks wobbeling with a loud clicking sound and his mouth ( is that his mouth by the way :-) opens and closes again as he walks.

This Rare Space Man is in very good played with condition and works 100 % with walking, clicking and mouth that opens and closes again. It has been played with and it shows some playwear and a few small spots with paintloss from playing as shown in the pictures. The litho is bright and clear and there is no rust. Yonezawa`s Space Man is complete in working order and is original. There is NO box for this scarce astronaut, sorry.

You are looking at one of the most scarce atronauts ever build and when they show up, its mostly in big auctions from collectors. Hard to find in any condition