Usagiya - SP-1 Robot Car

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I gave up after weeks of looking for some info about the little rabbit that marks this spacetoy.( With help of a dutch collector I found out the manufacturer is USAGIYA , thank you Arjen) It is pictured on this small friction robot thing, vehicle, car....ehhh what is it ? I have no idea. This is for sure the most mysterious spacetoy I ever laid my hands on. Its called
SP-1 and thats about it, Its made in Japan in the late 1950`s ( 1959 but not sure about the exact date ) Its marked by the manufacturer with a rabbit and "made in Japan" Its not really a car, not a boat, a moonvehicle or so, Its..... pfff I have no idea :)  Even the mounted robot looks like he has really no idea who he is :) I found some pictures of this toy in my books and its marked as extremely rare, its so rare that nobody knows anything about the manufactuer, nobody ever saw the original box for this toy.... 

One thing I WAS able to find out is that the toy is all original and complete with all the wings, springs earcaps,robot and so on. Its friction powered.

The condition of SP-1  is excellent and all original. There is no rust, no dings and the friction works perfectly. The toy has all the parts.

It seems to be an extremely rare and scarce spacetoy. There is no box for this toy, even a reproduction has never showed up. Looks like no box for this toy survived. If anybody can tell me more about this cute little toy then plz let me know.