Alps - Cragstan Great Astronaut

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Alps - Cragstan Great Astronaut

I found this robot in a lot of 5 alps robots / astronauts in south Italy last year where they were sold in an old toyshop / antique shop. This is the first one I could find WITH original box.

Build in the early 1960`s ( 1962 to be exact ) in Japan as one of the rarer versions of the more common television spaceman by Alps for Cragstan, this astronaut differs in many ways of his "brothers" the television robots. First of all this version comes as an astronaut and not as a robot, Its finished in red, and its bigger than the common television robots. Plz take a look also at the outstanding litho on the back of the batterycompartment !

The litho is outstanding and the astronaut is totally build out of tin. It moves forward with an spacemovie in its chest, a colourfull lightshow in the head/mouthsection and of course it produces spacesound.

The condition of this example is excellent and the robot is complete and in working condition. Like most of these Great Astronauts, also this one has difficulties walking with the heavy modern batteries. All the robots functions work fine but the robot walks unstablle and tends to fall.  This is common for these kind of robots by the way, I had many of these in my collection and all of them had the same problems, guessing it were never good walkers from the start.. maybe therefore they are so scarce these days, who will tell.....

the robot is all original and complete and has never been opened up before. All works fine and the movie inside still works.  The robot comes with original box in good condition. the box has damage probably from water and has several internal repairs... still.. its the seldom seen original box for this robot... seldom seen with the original box.

A rare and scarce combination  !

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