Yonezawa - Cragstan`s Mr Robot

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Though this seems to be the most common colourvariation of this famous robot, its still a hard to find robot in good condition with original box. Build in Japan by Yonezawa for Cragstan (importer of this toy ) the early 1960`s ( 1963 to be exact ). There are 4 variations of this robot that I am aware of, one in red, in grey and in white... and there is also a variation with a remote control, a fusion of a mr robot and Mr. Mercury ( very rare ) Yonezawa`s ( read: Cragstan) Mr robot comes with mistery bump&go action, robotsound and a complex antenna and lighting system in his head with multicolors and springs....

This red example of Mr Robot comes in its original box with inserts and has never been played with. Its in mint condition, no rust no dings a clean batterycompartment and of course !:-) this vintagespacetoys.com Mr Robot works as new. Mr Robots seems to show up more often in their original boxes, I have no idea why but when you find one, its often in original box.

Very hard to find robot in this condition with original box and inserts, it will become easily the centerpiece in your collection. Not expecially rare but scarce in this condition.