Modern Toys - Space Capsule with floating astronaut

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This space capsule was produced by Modern Toys in 1966 and build in Japan. It comes with 2 astronaut "cups". The actions are mystery bump and go, blinking and flashing lights and of course real spacenoise. Also modern toys famous blowingsystem has been build in this capule and the airstream can be controlled in three positions: low, medium and high.

In action this capsule moves around, steered by 2 wonderfull lithographed astronauts under a clear lightblue dome, and the third astronaut is floating above the capsule.... doing what ? i have no idea but it seems that he is having fun upthere :)

I can be short about the condition: Mint new in box and 100 % in working order. The box is original and has the original inserts and even the note where the floating astronauts are "hidden" ( in the batterybox) is present.

This is a late period spacetoy but you never see them complete, they always seem to miss a part, mostly the floating astronauts or the blue ring that catches them.

This one however is original and complete and new in box which makes it a scarce find.