Tps - Luna Hovercraft

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All the rockets, flying saucers and spaceships from that were made in the sixties had ONE thing in common: the could not really fly !!!!
But there are always exeptions and that is what this TPS Luna Hovercraft shows, it is really able to FLY :-)

This battery operated spaceship is powered by 3 big batteries that are housed in a remote control unit. The spaceship itself is made of a VERY light sort of tin that makes it very fragile. In the center is a big tinmade propellor that blows wind through the spaceship and produce enough airflow to make the light spaceship actually float above the floor like a real hovercraft. So here you have it.... one of the few spacetoys from the sixties that can actually fly :)

This hovercraft was build by TPS in 1965 in Japan. Because of the VERY fragile structure of the thin tin, the survivalrate of this spacetoy is extremely low. This example is new and I found it in an old toystore in Italy. It was stored there for more then 20 years. The hovercraft  has never been played with. Its in mint original and working condition and comes with the original box and inserts.

If you want to own a spaceship from the sixties that can really fly, has beautifully litho and wonderfull artwork on the box then this hovercraft is really the toy to add to your collection.

Hard to find in working and complete undamaged condition.