Modern Toys - Lavender Robot

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Modern Toys - Lavender Robot

This legendary member of the gang of five is the most beautifull lithographed robot ever made in the golden age. The Litho is outstanding and this robot looks more than a piece of exclusive art then it looks like a childs toy which it basicly is :-)

Build by Modern Toys in 1959 in Japan, this pretty big robot is an icon for this timeperiod. Called by some enthousiastics: "lady robot" because of the pink / purple color. Masudaya ( modern toys ) created 5 of these skirted robots: lavender, target, train, radicon and machine robot. Note that these names are given to these robots during the years... Lavender is originally called: non-stop robot for example, but everybody knows this bot better as "Lavender". When switched on with the special on-off switch on the front, the robot starts to move around with mystery bump&go action, flashing lights in the head, mouth and ears and swinging arms. The arms have special " claws" that can actually grap and hold objects.

This example of Lavender Robot is in excellent condition and fully operational. There is no rust there are no dings or whatever and it looks like this robot has not been played with much. All parts are original and this robot has never been messed with. The robot has the light colored panels and shows some discoloring on the left side, probably from beeing displayed or stored in direct sunlight.

All functions are working perfect as they did 50 years !!! agoo.  The batterybox is clean and absolutely rustfree.

Proud Member of the Gang of Five.