Nomura - Space Commander

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Build in the mid 1960`s by Nomura ( T.N ) in Japan. Space Commander is a round shaped space station and the rarest version in this series. It features mystery bump&go action, blinking lights in the center dome, spacenoise and a very nice spacescene 3-d movie like show in the center of the spacestation. The litho is very special as is the build in "3-D movie". its totally different from other space related toys that Nomura build. Untill today its unclear why this spacestation shows such weird spacerelated litho and "movie", but it makes that spacestation unique for sure.

When turned on, this awesome spaceship hoovers around with mystery bump&go action, spacenoise, blinking lights and of course the "3-D spacemovie" in the center of the spaceship.

This scarce spacestation is in mint condition and comes with its hard to find, beautifully lithographed box. Also the box is in near mint condition and has no issues. Space Commander is perfectly working, all original and it looks like it has never been played with. The red center dome is complete and has no cracks. The clear movieshield is also original and complete and has no cracks.

The batterycompartments are both free of rust and corrosion and also look like they have never been used before. 

A very attractive and really beautifully spaceship in mint condition and ditto box. You will have a hard job to upgrade this one.
Scarce and hard to find in this condition.

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