Unknown - Magic Color Moon Express

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This odd spacetoy was build in the mid 1970`s in Taiwan ( the box says Taiwa without an N by the way :). It is for sure one of the more attractive spacetoys made in this timeperiod. When switched on the Moonexpress is exploring its surrounding with mystery bump&go action, the tailsection is spinning, there is spacenoise, the nosesection is beautifully lit and under the clear dome is a kind of antenna spinning behind the astronaut in control. 

Magic Color Moon Express is a very atrractive spacetoy which was copied by the Taiwanese after the TPS example. The litho is very colorfull and fun to watch.

This example is in mint / new condition and seems to be never played with. All funktions work perfect and there are no dings, scratches, rust or whatever. You will not be able to upgrade this one.

The box is original and shows some storagewear and some wear in the corners but is also in excellent condition. Together with the mint toy it makes an unique combination, hard to upgrade.

Magic Color MoonExpress is showing up on occasion and is hard to find in this condition. A scarce combination with original box.

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