Nomura - Robottank -Z with Japanese Speech mechanism

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This awesome Robot Tank, made by Nomura in the mid 1960`s in Japan was build in 3 versions: R-1, Z and Z with a japanese speech mechanism. You are looking at the most rare versions of the three. This one was only build for the Japanese market. It features different litho, different actions and details and a real cool action: it can talk :-) though it talks in Japanse and i have to be honnest, I have REALLY NO idea what he is saying but when he is done talking, he start to load his guns and start to fire to me so I guess its not a friendly phrase.

This awesome and rare version of Robottank Z has really nice actions with stop and go, flashing lights, guns that fire at will and a talking mechanism. It comes with its original box that is scarce by itself. The original box is in excellent condition and shows normal storagewear. Just have a look at the great artwork on the box.
This version has Lithographed eyes instead of plastic eyes and also the red dome is rare for this variation.

The robot itself is in near mint and original condition and has no rust no dings or cracks or whatever. all the parts are original and the plastic parts are free of cracks. It works perfect with all the actions as it did more than 50 years agoo.

This rare and very scarce robot is normally never found outside Japan and is very hard to find in original and 100 % working condition.

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