Gamma - Turn Over Space Explorer

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I had never seen this spacetoy before and I doubt if I will ever find it again... Made in Japan by Gamma, in the late 1960`s. First of all, take a look at the box and the really wonderfull artwork ! Outstanding artwork that only the Japanese were able to produce.  This somewhat weird spacetoy is mainly made out of plastic with only a few tin parts. In action the spacevehicle is riding around untill it hits an object and the something strange is happing.... Most of the spacetoys are equipped with mystery bump&go but not this one, this one is equipped with Turn - Over action.

Once the toy hits an obstacle it crawls upwards to it and then falls backwards and is ready to follow its path in the opposite direction.
Both sides of the vehicle are both bottom as top of the toy. A very clever and ingenious constructure switches the toy as it turns over.
There is a driver in control, gears that spin, spacenoise and light. This battery operated toy takes 2 battaries at each side.

When i found this toy it had been in stock for at least 20 years and was very dusty. I installed fresh battaries and the toy came alive. It looks like it has not been played much with. The batterycompartments are clean. The toy is in excellent condition and is absolutely undamaged, no broken parts, no cracks and no previous repairs. It works with all the actions. The box is original and in excellent condition too.

A weird spacetoy that I had never seen before. Rare and I assume its pretty scarce and hard to find in this original and working condition.