Waco - Space Refuel Station

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Waco - Space Refuell Station

The official name of this awesome spacestation is: Space Refuel Station In Orbital Flight With Jetplane and Rocket. :-)

Probably the longest name for a spacetoy. Build in the early 1960`s ( I think its 1962 but I will correct it when needed ) by Waco in Japan. I hear you think... Waco, never heard of in spacetoyland and thats correct. This is ONE of the reasons why this spacetoy is very special in many ways. First of all this station was made in very small numbers and it looks like that not many complete and working examples has survived. As far as I know I am aware of 9 other complete examples to excist at this moment.

Second this is probably the only spacetoy Waco ever created. Not much is known by the way about this company. It looks to me that yoshiya parts were used to create this station but I not sure.

Third, its the ony spacetoy in the form of a refuel station. There were many many robots created in the golden age, rockets, robots, saucers, cars and more but not a single Japanese mind ever thought of the fact that those vehicles also needed FUEL, only Waco was aware of this "gap in the spacemarket"

And last of not least...( Fourth)  this spacetoy is one of the most searched for spacetoys ever made and I personally think one of the most beautifully and rarest spacetoys ever created.

The actions, lithography, the creation itself are in one word: Fabulous. I think there was never put so many effort in a childstoy as in this station. There is soo much to see, so much to play with and to see.....Imagine yourself as a child and you unpacked this toy for your birthday :) :-)....

Ok enough dreaming now.... The actions of this Waco Space Refuel Station are:  Flashing Lights, Spacenoise, Turning Antenna, spaceships that can be manually docked, Stop and Go action and Lifting Action. There is a big antenna and 2 spacestations.

The condition of this space station is near mint, all original and complete and in fantastic working condition, really NO flaws to mention on this one. The box is original and in near mint condition as well with inserts, no tears, no holes or any repairs. You can not go wrong with this example, no upgrade ever needed on this one.
Take a minute to look at the artwork on the box... fantastic Japanese artwork !!

Extremely Rare and Scarce. One of the most wanted spacetoys that was build build in the golden age....

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