Yoshiya - Planet Robot

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Build as a knock-off in the early 1960`s by Yoshiy in Japan. This "Action" Planet Robot is a keywound robot that can actually walk and produces sparkles inside its chest. This is the rare version with the rubber hands ( which are both original ) One of the hands is missing a part of the finger ( maybe the robot put his hand where it did not belong :) More important is that the robot is all original.

The condition of this wind-up ( or should I say: clockwork) robot is really excellent. The robot is original ( also the rubber hands ) and has never been opened before or messed with. The robot is showing only minor playwear. There is no rust, no dings and the chrome parts are the best I have ever seen on this type of robot.

The box is original but has some clear tape repairs, made by the previous owner. I suggest you best leave them this way because clear cellotape can NOT be removed without causing damage to the paper artwork of the box. I have included some extra pictures of the box.

This robot shows up from time to time in the open market but then mostly without its original box and with plastic hands. This version with the rubber hands is much more scarce. The rubber hands are pretty fragile and thats why so little survived with their original hands.

Hard to find in this condition. A rare and scarce robby the robot ( action robot )