Horikawa - New Space Station

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The third and final version Horikawa made of this beautifull space station, called NEW space station. Made by Horikawa in Japan in the late 1960`s. Few years earlier, Horikawa allready produced 2 similar space stations, one in red and one in blue. The featured 5 "bays" and were totally made out of tinplate.

Horikawa`s NEW space station shows the struggling of the Japanese Toybuilders to stay competitive by building "cost reduced" toys. The 5 "bays" of the older version is reduced to four, the base of the station is now made of molded plastic and only the top is made of lithographed tin..... but still the action remains and the Magic is still there !!!......

The details are awesome and so is the playfun and the magic of this spacestation. There are four bays: dining room, recreation room, control room and engine room. All the four windows show outstanding lithography, lights and action. There is a spinning antenna and array in the center of the station, clicking sputnik like sound and flashing lights in the inner ring. Also the 4 bays have illumination. For sure one of the most attractive toys ever build in the sixties.

Horikawa`s New Space Station is one of the most searched for spacetoys by collectors. Because of the fragile structure of the station and the antenna`s, not much survived.

This example is in excellent to near mint condition and shows only minimal playwear.  The litho is outstanding., also the clear plastic windows are clear and have no cracks or whatever. The original antenna is present and complete. The space station works like new as if it was made yesterday. The plastic base is 100% intact and free of cracks or repairs. This is the first example I found that is complete and has no damage to the plastic parts, a miracle :) !!

The box is original and has the original inserts. it shows only minor wear at the edges as shown in the pictures. Only flaw to mention for the box is a repaired hole in the center, caused by the antenna. Just have a close look at the artwork on the box.....WOW :)

Horikawa`s New Space Station is rare and very scarce. They simply never show up in the open market in this condition. This is your change to own this piece of space history in its purest form !

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