HWN West Germany - Jupiter Rocket D-119

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Build in the mid 1950`s in the west part of Germany. This odd friction powered rocket survived the years very well. It comes with a friction powered motor and sparks but the flint needs to be replaced.
The original litho is still bright and shiny but the rocket has been played with. The condition is good to very good and there are only scratches to the rocket. There are no dings and no missing parts and in fact its a miracle such a small rocket survived all those playing years.

This rocket was not build in Japan as most of the other rockets of the golden age but in former Western Germany in Europe.

Jupiter D-119 Rocket is still orignal and working ( flint needs to be replaced ) and the condition is good to very good with only some playwear. Still the litho is bright and shiny and the rocket will still display very well.

There is no box for this rocket.

Hard to find in any condition....