M.I. - Lunar Module

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To all the collectors of Moon Landing Modules.... plz pay attention because you will have only ONE change to add this toy to your collection !. It was build by an unknown manufacturer in Japan called M.I.  What makes this toy extra interesting is that the tag with the M.I. Logo is a sticker that has been placed over the logo of the original manufacturer. I did not dare to remove this small sticker ( see pictures ) to see who originally made this module so if anybody has an idea then plz let me know.

It was build in Japan in the late 1960`s and though the lunar module is build mainly out of plastic, the actions are great and I have never seen this kind of actions before on lunar modules. It combines mystery action AND stop and go action, Taking off and landing with revolving action, A ladder comes out of one of the hatches of the module, an astronaut steps out to the luna surface, there is real spacenoise and flashing lights.  Wow,  totally different actions that the more common Lunar Modules build by DSK.

The condition is new, mint in original mint box. Its even so new and mint that the toy was never removed from the box. Its still packed into the original inserts. I did not even try to take him out. I think that is something to do for the new owner. As far as I can remember this is the first mint in box toy that was never even taken out of the box, cool or what ! :) 

I have searched all my documentation and the internet but was not able to find ANY information about this very very rare Lunar Module.
Very scarce and rare and as I stated before.... This will be probably your ONLY change to add this rare Lunar Module to your collection.

A hard to find spacetoy and ultra rare in mint new condition. Impossible to ever upgrade.