Horikawa - Piston Action Engine Robot

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I believe this was my first vintage robot I ever laid my hands on in my entire life. I bought it on a market for 50 cents without its box and it was not working. I repaired the robot and now its my sons favorite robot for years :)

Allthough this robot is basicly made of plastic its still one of my favorites. The plastic that is used to build this robot is very strong and durable and I never saw this quality used on any other plastic made toy. When turned on the robot walks around and the pistons in its chest are lighted and going up and down. A very attractive robot that was build by the famous Horikawa factory in the early 1970`s. This robot has serveral "brothers" that are build on the same molds but with total different actions. You will find these also listed on my website.

The condition of this robot is excellent to near mint and I dont think this robot has ever been played with. Its all original and complete without any cracks anywhere. The box is original and also in excellent condition without any flaws.

Overall a great example of this classic robot. All original, complete and of course 100 % working.

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