Horikawa - New Sky Robot

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There are 3 robots that I am aware of that share the same body, engine robot, new sky robot and a similar robot for the Japanese market.

This New Sky Robot build by Horikawa in Japan is a strange looking robot with ditto actions: it can move vertical AND horizontal :-)

In Normal action this robot walks with a robotnoise and flashing lights but.... if you turn his arms up in the sky ( that is how he got his name i guess, SKY Robot :-) and put him on his chest in horizontal position he speeds off in horizontal position, driven by the chrome gears in his chest. Also his head can be turned to horizontal position. A very attractive robot build in the early 1970`s.

Both the robot as the box are in excellent / near mint condition. the robot has never been played with and spent most of its life as old stock in a big warehouse.

These robots are not shown too often in the open market in this condition with the original box. 

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