Horikawa - New Sky Robot Japanese Version

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This Japanese New Sky Robot is the more rare version of this Horikawa Robot. It features different colours but the same actions as his "European brother". It was build in Japan for the Japanese Market in the early 1970`s and was produced in small numbers. Not many got out of Japan and that is why this is the most scarce of the 3 robots ( engine robot, new sky robot and this japanese new sky robot )

In normal action the robot walks with robotnoise and flashing lights. When you put his arms up in the sky and put the robot in horizontal position, it speeds off very fast in horizontal position.

This robot comes with its original Japanese box and even the original tag is present. The robot is old stock and has never been played with. Both the robot and box are in near mint condition. The robot works perfectly

Very hard to find Japanese version of this famous New Sky Robot.