Yonezawa - Mr Atomic

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Mr Atomic is a special robot in many ways. Produced by Yonezawa in the golden age in Japan. There are 2 versions known of this unique robot: one in silver that makes a beeping/clicking sound ( this example ) and one in blue which makes a sirene like sound. Both the versions belong to the most scarce robots build in the sixties but the blue version seems more difficult to find and is even more scarce.

This silver Mr Atomic is an original Yonezawa version in very good to excellent condition. The robot has been played with and shows normal playwear. Though this Mr. Atomic must have had a hard and rough life during the past 60 years. The front, dome and ears have been profesionally restored to its former glory. The robot works perfectly as if it was new with Mystery Bump&Go action, changing colored lights behind the "light panel" under the clear dome and lighted toplight also with changing colours in blue, red, yellow and white.

I made some investigation how to determine the originality of this Mr. Atomic and I have added the pictures that show the differences how to detirmine a reproduction Mr Atomic from an Original example.

A reproduction ( MTH ) version can be seperated from an original Mr Atomic on the following points:
Picture 1-11 are the pictures of the original Mr. Atomic as described here above ( picture 1 is upper left photo, then go to the right picture 2, 3,4,5 and 6
Second row left is picture 6,7,8,910 and 11.

Pictures 12-18 are examples to show the difference between an original Mr Atomic versus a reproduction ( MTH ) Mr. Atomic

Picture 12: original logo versus reproduction
Picture 13: original on/off switch versus reproduction
Picture 14: MTH version reproduction upper contacts
Picture 15: Original upper contacts
Picture 16: MTH version reproduction lower contacts
Picture 17: Original lower contacts
Picture 18: Original logo

Overall this Original Mr Atomic is in very good to excellent played with condition and works really perfectly. There is no box, sorry.

One of the most searched for robots build in the Golden Age. Very rare and scarce.