Nomura - Radar Robot Topolino

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Nomura - Radar Robot ( Topolino Robot )

I always wondered why this Radar Robot was also called "Topolino" robot untill I first saw him in real. Topolino seems to be the italian word for Mickey Mouse and yes, though the robot has not such big ears and no tail his smile does remind you of Mickey Mouse :) This wonderfull Topolino Robot was build in the mid 1960`s In Japan by Nomura and is in the top 10 of most wanted on earth.....

Topolino Robot shares its body with the famous Tulip Head Robot also build by Nomura. The shape of the Body, arms and legs looks the same but are also different.

The arms are hollow and are the same as the ones used on Tulip robot but used in a grey color for this robot. I spent a lot of time to find out if the arms had to be solid or not. Result is that solid arms are reproduction arms, hollow arms are 100 % original. The production process for a hollow arm is MUCH more difficult. Therefore reproduction arms are made solid. Topolino Robot has also moving arms, he walks like most of his brother so but his head is manually movable and I have not see that before with other robots from the sixties. In his chest he shows a sort of spacescene and there are colored moving gears and a very ( not mickey mouse ) nice robotsound. and best of all: Topolino Radar Robot works as if it was made yesterday. It runs strong with moving arms, spinning gears, spacescene and robotsound and it walks perfectly. 

The condition of this incredible scarce and rare robot is excellent. No rust, no dings and everything ( also the often missing ears ) is original. There is some minor playwear but the beautifull litho is clear and shiny. You can see this robot has not much been played with and did spent most of its life in display mode.

One of the Holy Grails for many collectors and Most will not even been able to see this robot in real.
Scarce and very Rare.
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