Alps - Television Spaceman first version

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Alps - Television Spaceman first version

I have seen it before.... children`s names written on the box... Most likely there were 2 kids that both got a robot for christmas and to know which one belonged to who, the parents wrote the name on the box... simple as that :)

I found this boxed beauty in Italy on a fair in Milano. The seller had no idea about the name written on the box so I guess it was not his childhood toy :) 

This first Television Spaceman ( or robot :-)  is the first in the series and was build in 1961 by Alps in Japan. 
In action the robot walks forward with swinging arms, a movie in his chest, eyes that rotate and lighted kaleidoscope action. The antenna works as on / off switch.

The condition of this spaceman is excellent to near mint. The robot is all original and has gently been played with and is in perfect condition, no rust no dings or scratches mentionalbe. All the actions and lights work perfectly. Really an above average robot.  The robot comes with its original box in excellent condition. The box has some wear and writing and there is a tear that is repaired from the inside with some tape. Its very well done and prevents the box from getting further damage.

Alps Television Spaceman of the first generation is hard to find in this near mint condition with original box !

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