Alps - Television Spaceman second version

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Alps - Television Spaceman  second version

This robot who has 2 "brothers" ( more about them later :-) is one of my personal favorites. The design and action are all a robot of the sixties should have, strongly build to survive many hours of playfun. The actions are great: the robot walks, has spinning eyes, a colorfull mouthsection and in his chest there is a real spacemovie visable, wow !!

A very nice detail is the ON/OFF switch. The plastic red antenna, which is also very nice crafted must be inserted in his head to get the robot going. This robot is, as far as my information is correct, build in 3 versions. This ( with the red  antenna and bigger tv-screen ) is the later produced version. Alps build an earlier version with a iron cross antenna and a slightly smaller tv-screen and tin legs, a few years earlier. and there was build a third version for cragstan in red, not as a robot but as an astronaut, called Gragstans Great Astronaut. These robots used a pretty complicated technique to drive the eyes, walking and the moving spacescene in the "television". Therefore only look for fully operational examples because these robots are hard to repair.

This second version Television Spaceman ( or robot :-)  is the second in the series and was build in 1963 by Alps in Japan. 

The condition of this television spaceman is near mint to mint. I have had many in hands but NEVER such a prestine example as this one. My best guess... this robot has NEVER been played with.  Its even hard to capture this beauty in pictures.. amazing prestine robot, NO upgrade needed on the robot, never !...Oh.. and did i mention it works like new as well :) !

The box is an other story. The box is orignal and in very good condition. There has been internal repair done somewhere in the past. One of the small sidepanels has 2 small pieces replaced with lasercopy. The box has the original insert.

If you are looking for a minty prestine example of this robot, look no further, you found it ! with a very nice orignal box with some restauration in very good to excellent condition.

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