Ichida - Answer Game Machine

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Ichida - Answer Game Macine

This Robot does not walk, does not shoot with hidden guns, does not play a spacemovies so what does it basicly do then ? The answer lies in the Game, this robot can do calculations, it can add and substract and that is pretty unbelievable because it all happends fully mechanical with gears, gears.... LOTS of gears inside this rare robot.

Build In Japan by Ichida in the mid 1960`s this robot takes 3 big battaries but does not use them to walk or shoot, he uses them to calculate.  There are 4 handles for Reset, add and substract, Calculate and reset and 10 more buttons from 1 - 10. The eyes function to show if the PLUS or MINUS is in use by lighting up and the "brains " in his head slowely rotate while the robot is in " Thinking Mode "

The original instructionsheet that says ( not included ):

1. Insert 3 flashlight type battaries
2. Addition: to add operator pushes lever to left ( plus sign )
    Press the desired numbers on key board
3. Substraction: to substract push lever to right ( minus sign )
    Press the desired numbers on key board
4. Total: To obtain automatic total pull down lever marked T
5. Clear: At the end of the game pull down lever Marked C To
    clear the machine.
6. The machine is now ready for the next game.

Well thats about it :) a wonderfull robot that finally does something else than walking and shooting and the design is also really great. You can see they put a lot of efford in the design of this robot to make it attractive to children.

The condition of this Ichida Answering Game Machine is excellent. The robot is complete and all original. The robot shows some light spidering and shows some light playwear. The batterycompartment is clean and never housed a leaking battary for sure !. The robot is in working condition. The chrome parts could use some polishing but i will leave that to decide to the new owner.

Even better is that this robot comes with the original box. The box show some punctures in the toplid, caused by the levers of the robot. They punctures are protected from the inside by some clear tape to prevent them from tearing further. The rest of the box is very nice and overall the box is excellent.

Hard to find robot with original box.

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