DSK Trade Mark - Strange Explorer Tank

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I had to look twice before I believed my eyes.... I had seen DSK - Strange Explorer Tanks before but never in this variation :)
I searched in all my books, in auctions etc but was not able to locate this rare variation for this Tank. This tank always shows up in the regular blue colorvariation ( I added an extra picture of the common version to compare ) But I never have seen DSK - Strange Explorer in this version. The litho and colors are totally different, as if it comes from an other planet :)

This toy must have brought many many children, hours of playfun. When I showed this tank to my 6 year old son, He was excited and kept talking about the big gorilla lifting up a whole tank. Build in the late 1960`s By DSK in Japan This battery operated tank is really STRANGE. When put on, DSK Strange Explorer Tank rolls along the floor, exploring its surroundings with a loud clicking sound.
Suddenly it stops and is lifted by a big gorilla that is hidden underneath the tank. When the tank reached almost a vertical position, lights start blinking and the gorilla "throws" the tank away,
rolling over and comes into horizontal position again.

The condition of this Tank is excellent. The tank is complete and all original, the litho is bright and shiny, the clear dome shows only
normal playwear and so does the tank. The batterycompartment is clean and has no cracks. The lithographed gorilla underneath is perfect complete and original and has no flaws.
The Tank works perfectly with all the actions, clickingsound and lights. There is no box, sorry.

Indeed a STRANGE and RARE find. DSK - Strange Explorerer in a colorvariation you have never seen before.....

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