Yone - Swinging Baby Robot

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As far as I know, Yone did not make much robots and when they tried to create one they ended up with a baby, a baby on a swing :). This mechanical Swinging Baby Robot was made in Japan in the mid 1960`s ( 1965) by Yone and is not much seen in the open market in complete and working condition.
In the box is a platform on which you slide the swing. Then you have to attach the counterweight, wind him up and...... a happy robot baby that opens and closes his mouth while he swings is the result :)

The condition of this swinging baby robot is excellent. The toy works perfectly with all the actions and best of all, its complete and all original. The base, swing, box and counterweight are original and in perfect condition. You can see this toy has been played with but it has been taken care of very well. There is minor playwear that is normal for a toy of this age. There are no missing or broken parts, no rust and no dings or whatever and it works perfect.

Mostly found without the orignal box or with a reproduction counterweight ( these are often missing )

This example is original, complete and works fine in excellent condition with original box. A hard to find robot in this condition !

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