Nomura - Radar Robot

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This very hard to find robot was build in the 1960`s in Japan by the famous Nomura Factory and is one of my favorite robots because of the great look, action, lights and the awesome remote control with a robotface, wow !!
There is a lot to tell and explain about this robot. First of all the robot is original and works perfectly with all the actions and lights. Both the eyes have the original bulbs and also the bulb inside the antenna is original. All the lights work fine.

The robot is in near mint condition. There is very minor wear and the robot looks like he is almost never played with. All the litho is bright and shiny and there is no rust anywhere on the robot.  The wire is original and the robot has never been opened before. The remote is also original and in near mint condition. Best of all, this robot comes with " BEN`S "  Box :-) suggesting that there were 2 or more of these toys in the past in the same family. This one did belong to Ben, easy to determine because his nam has been written on the box :)
The box is original and complete and in excellent condition. It has a small pucture as shown in the pictures and the name BEN written on it.

An awesome original Nomura Radar Robot in full working condition. with the original wire, remote and box. A very hard to find combination these days.

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