Modern Toys - Moon Rocket

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I thought only submarines had periscopes untill I bumped into this wonderfull spaceship. Moon Rocket, build by Masudaya ( Modern Toys) in Japan in the mid 1960`s. Equipped with Non-Fall System and not the common Bump&Go action. in action this moon rocket , is it really a rocket by the way ? its more a combination of a rocket and a flying saucer, this spaceship will not fall of your table. As soon as it reaches an edge of the table the moonrocket turns away from the danger of falling and I am sure the astronaut with the periscope is a great help.

The Moonrocket has flashing lights, spacesound and the astronaut on top looks around ( to see what is on the table :)

These rockets are mostly found without the astronaut on top which is also made out of tin by the way. The artwork on the box is great and shows the moonrocket in outer space ( not on a table :)

The condition of the moonrocket is excellent to near mint and I doubt if this toy has much been played with. It works perfectly with all the actions, the batterycompartment is cristal clean and the minor wear comes more from storing in the box then from playing.
The box is in very good condition, is original and shows some normal wear with a few tears to the sides, the bottom and a small piece of artwork is missing as shown in the pictures. Still the box displays great and is a perfect original example.

These rockets are hard to find in complete and original condition. Mostly they are heavenly played with and miss the original antenna.
This example is complete and works perfect.

A hard to find combination.