Toy Original Junior Product - Space Commander Robot

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A classic late period robot that was not made in Japan but in HongKong in the late 1970`s. Totally made out of plastic but still with a charm that remembers of earlier times. I found this robot overhere in Holland and bought it from a man that played with the robot when he was a kid himself. Funny to see that such a robot survided more then 30 years and stil has the original box, remote, and original rockets ( these are mostly missing with these robots )

Space Commander Robot is in played with condition but has been taken care of very well. There are NO broken or missing parts, the robot and box are original and best of all, the robot works perfectly and walks great, shooting guns in his chest and the 2 extra rockets that are original are present and can be fired manually, both work fine too.

This Space Commander Robot is in excellent complete and original condition and is the rare version of this series. Hard to find complete with original box and hard to improve on. These will become more and more scarce in the comming years !!

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