Daiya - Ranger Robot

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Daiya - Ranger Robot 1963

The story behind this rare robot is one I really wanted to share so here we go:

Last year I came into contact with somebody from Australia. I was offered a Ranger Robot in parts, broken but complete and when I bought the robot, it was sent with its original box ( I did not expect the box ) and I found out the robot was old stock store and was never been played with. the robot was new but had a broken arm and was not working. I repaired the arm and fixed the mechanism. The mechanism just needed a few drops of oil because the original oil dried out. The robot had been stored away in a garage since 1963 !

I contacted the seller and thanked him for the wonderfull robot. As always I wanted to know the story behind the robot and I asked the seller for this info. He told me the robot belonged to his father in law who owned a toyshop for more than 50 years. He was cleaning out the garage that was filled with old unsold toys and he found this robot.

I asked the seller whenever he would find other robots or spacetoys in that garage to contact me and then he told me there were 10 more of these robots, all in original box, and some of them were new and unplayed with.  You can guess the rest of this story ! :-) 

Daiya Ranger Robot was made in the early sixties in Japan by Daiya and is one of the greatest plastic robot made in the golden age. Its a rare and very scarce robot. The reason for this is that the robot is very fragile and simply not many survived hours of beeing played with. Making plastic robots in the fifties was not common because all robots were totally made out of lithographed tin. In action this robot walks forward with Voice Sound ( thats what the box tells
us) but plz dont ask me what it is :). The mechanism is visable in his chest and he puffs smoke and a this all comes with a great robotlightaction.

When you have this robot in hands you understand immediately why only a few survived and why these robots are so hard to find.

The condition of this example is excellent to near mint.  The robot looks hardly been played with and is in awesome condition. The plastich body and legs are perfect, no breaks or cracks which is remarkable because these robots show breaks and cracks many times. Only thing to mention: one of the knobs is ( like always ) missing and a small crack in the batterycover as shown in the pictures.

The robot works fine and strong and is all original and complete and he smokes like he is just having his first cigarette :) 
The box is original and comes with an original insert. The condition of the box is very good to excellent. There is a tear and a little hole in the toplid. further the box shows some storagewear. There are no repairs done to the box.

Very scarce scarce robot in this condition with original box.

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