Horikawa - New Space Explorer

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This type of robot shares it body with the famous Mr Hustler ( yes the one that can extract his arms ). They both have a way too big body but what do you expect .... a widescreen TV is installed underneath the great lithoed cover.

Build by the famous Horikawa Factory in the late 1960`s in Japan. New Space Explorer was made in 2 colorvariations and as far as I know only with an astronaut head ( I never saw a robot version of this space explorer )

The feet and arms are made out of plastic but the cover of the Television is decorated with beautifull litho, something you dont expect anymore on a late period robot. There is great action: the robot walks around,suddenly stops and the cover flips open and reveils a BIG TV screen with space movie, very cool to see in action.

The condition of this robot is excellent and it only shows some minor wear from playing. The robot is all original and works really great with all the actions. The original box and inserts are present.
Hard to find in this condition with original box. There is also a grey version that is even harder to find.
A great but scarce robot these days that are difficult to find with a nice original box and in working condition.