Yoshiya - V-3 Robot Space Tank

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And just when I thought I had seen all robby the robot variations I bumped into this space tank on an auction site overhere in Holland, never expected to find such a rare toy here in the Netherlands. I had seen one some years agoo, also a V-3 in red but with different litho. I never saw this one before. Made in Japan by KO ( Yoshiya ) in the mid 1960`s.

Yoshiya also made a batteryoperated version, called V-2 by the way and I would not be surprised to find some variations of that one in the future :-)

Back to the V-3 now, its a crank wound tank, build out of tin, totally out of tin by the way. There is great litho and of course there is robby in the driverseat. In action the toy moves around with mystery bump&go action, very nice toy and its great to see the power of crank wound toys.

The condtion of this tank is excellent, it shows normal playwear, no rust or dings or whatever, really a fine example of this scarce toy. The toy is all original but I am not sure about the antenna. It could be a replacement but if so, its a kick ass made one !!.

Again, and this time straight from my hometown... a rare and very scarce spacetoy in great condition, all original and in perfect working order.  You will have a hard job to find this one to complete your collection..

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