Yoshiya - Space Dog Remote Control

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I never realized that a complete set of Space Dogs could have given me so much fun...but the WOW factor is HIGH ! :)
In short, there are 4 versions made, all different and not only the litho but also the inside "technique" is different on all four, so here we go with a short " Gang of FOUR ) dogs "
There is a GREY, wind-up version, an ORANGE battery operated bump&go version, a RED friction Dog and this one in BLUE, also battery operated but now with a remote.... life of a spacetoy collector is just GREAT :)

Made in the late 1950s by KO/Yoshiya in Japan. Arguably the rarest, and best of the robot animals EVER made !! Features include flapping ears, moving mouth, rolling eyes, spinning antenna, side to side lumbering motion, gorgeous blue litho, spring tail and lighted atomic reactor! But my favorite part of this toy is the fully lithographed 2 cell remote battery box. The front has an awesome lithographed scene showing a small space boy standing in front of an enormous red robot dog on a mountainous planet surface, while the back shows a gorgeous rocket streaking through a starry blue sky with, of course, the obligatory Saturn.

The condition is excellent to near mint. The dog works perfectly but the original green cable has dried out and has some breaks at some parts. Still the wire is the original one and I leave it this way. I let the new owner decide to change it or not ( I would leave it this way ! ) All parts are original and the Dog has never been opened before. original dog, wire remote and antenna.

This toy is rarely available for sale and graces only the very top collections. (So scarce, it was not offered in either the Wyse or Griffith auctions!) Toy is in near mint condition. There is no box, sorry.

CFP: Contact me For Price    at    boogo.nl@gmail.com