Daito - Mighty Robot 1

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Daito - Mighty Robot

I was surprised to find this robot in Italy ( Milano ). It had been 8 years since i found one here in Holland. The robot never crossed my path ever since..

Daito Mighty Robot was made in Japan in the early 1960`s. Its powered by a clockwork mechanism and moves forward in action while sparks are visable in his chest. Mighty Robot is a very rare and scarce robot that you will never see in the open market, only a few of these seems to have survived the years. 

When i found the robot it was missing the red gel and the arms.  when the robot arrived i found the original red gel inside the robot so I place that back.  The arms I made in 3D CAD and printed them in red in high resolution. The arms are an exact copy of the original red arms.

The robot shows some overall wear but is further complete and original and still working allthough the flint needs to be replaced. Still in working order.. Very VERY rare and scarce robot that you will probably never see again for many years !

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