Daito - Mighty Robot

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I was surprised to find this robot in the Netherlands. I was even more surprised to see the robot was complete with the original arms, key and in working order and I was shocked when i found out the robot was once owned by Pierre Boogaerts. This is actually the robot that was used to photograph in his book. ( for those who does not know Pierre, his book was the holy bible for robot and spacetoy collectors for many many years. )

Daito Mighty Robot was made in Japan in the early 1960`s. Its powered by a clockwork mechanism and moves forward in action while sparks are visable in his chest. Mighty Robot is a very rare and scarce robot that you will never see in the open market, only a few of these seems to have survived the years. What is even more interesting is that this robot is all complete and original. They mostly have broken of missing arms, missing the green key. Not this example... Its complete in good played with condition with both original arms and the original key.

Mighty Robot is in good played with condition and the robot shows some wear from playing and several scratches. Still the litho is bright and colorfull and the robot is all original and complete and in working order and it even sparks. The box is a handcrafted reproduction made by an expert.

Daito Mighty Robot, a rare and very scarce robot in this condition that you will simply never find in any collection, My best guess is that not even 5 examples are known at this moment. I am aware of 3 Mighty robots but they all are incomplete, missing key or have reproduction arms.

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