China - Universe Boat ME 605

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As we all know also the chinese were able to make great spacetoys during the golden age. Not much but yes also in China, spacetoys and robots were produced in the golden age. This late 1960`s spacetoy is a great example of the craftmanship of China.  I run into a whole collection with early chinese spacetoys in Italy ( yes italy of course, man I found a lot there allready :)

Many of the toys in that collection are easy to find and were massproduced but...... My eye caught some toys I never saw before and this Universe Boat ME 605 is one of them. I always wondered why these toys were called BOAT or UNIVERSE BOAT  and my friend Martijn knew the answer.... Back in the Sixties the Chinese simple translated the word space toy or space ship out of the french language to chinese and the result of this translation: Universe Boat :)  Well, back to the Boat then. I can be pretty short about this example, its rare and very scarce. You will not find this toy in any book, simply because only a few are known of. I once found a picture from a collection with a rusted and incomplete example but thats about it.

The toy itself is very scarce but its even more with the original box. Its the only example at this moment I am aware of. I went through all my books and I can tell you, I have collected many robot and spacetoy books over the years.

The boat was made in china and as always, the manufacturer is: China, thats it. its not possible to find the actual manufacturer of these toys. The condition of this boat is near mint to mint. Its in unplayed condition.
It comes with the original box that suffered some from storage but is still in excellent and complete condition. Look at the artwork, it prooves also the Chinese were able to create terriffic artwork for their toys !!
Even the inserts are present.  The toy is near mint to mint and works pefectly with all the actions ( surprisingly the action is NON - FALL action !! and not bump and go. ) Guess the chinese copied this non fall from masudaya.  There are 2 blinking lights in red and green, spacenoise and a revolving propellor at the back. All work perfect as new.

I can not tell but these early chinese spacetoys have always something special. They can 100 % compete with the early made japanese spacetoys.
You will never see this toy again, I can guarantee. Rare and scarce in this condition with original box

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